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For more information, contact
Amy Dresback, Director of Developmental Services, at
(217) 762-5371 or



Vocational Staff hold the basic belief that services must be provided in a responsive, flexible, and timely manner. Services will be offered in the best interest of the individual and will address needs as expressed by the individual.


Admission Criteria

Services are provided to Piatt County residents age 18 or older who are no longer in high school. Individuals must have a vocational disability and be found eligible for services through the Department of Rehabilitation (DRS). Center staff provide referral linkage to DRS.


Services Offered at The Center


Job Development

Individuals are assisted in skills necessary to obtain employment. Skills may include resume building, grooming, appropriate social skills, and interviewing. Job development utilization is based upon plans written by the Department of Rehabilitation Services counselor.

Job Coaching

Individuals receive on-the-job training to promote successful employment. Job Coaching is a tiered system developed by DRS. When job coaching is no longer needed, natural supports assist the individual. Vocational Services are made available through a grant from the Department of Rehabilitative Services. Private pay options are available to individuals who do not meet initial criteria or require ongoing support beyond DRS contracts.

For Employers

If your business would like to find out more, download the Tax Benefits for Businesses Who Have Employees with Disabilities PDF file here.

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