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The Center’s Prevention Services help young people between the ages of 11-18 who are not using alcohol or other drugs to never start. The programming implemented through prevention services is evidenced-based and focuses on increasing life skills such as: goal-setting, decision-making, and effective communication skills and building knowledge on the effects and risks related to alcohol, tobacco & other drugs. Building protective factors against youth substance abuse requires a multifaceted approach that involves:

  • prevention curriculum and presented through classroom visits

  • substance abuse communication campaigns

  • replacing myths with facts

  • coalition and community support building

  • special events, such as National Prevention Week activities


Our Prevention Department teaches the Mendez Foundation’s Too Good for Drugs  program to all Piatt and DeWitt County school districts: Bement, Monticello, Atwood-Hammond, Cerro Gordo, Deland-Weldon, Clinton, and Blue Ridge.

Contrary to the perception “that everyone drinks,” data from Piatt and DeWitt youth indicates that over 50% of students do not use alcohol and drugs. Changing the social norm, replacing myth with facts, occurs by promoting the prevention message through local community involvement, a continued presence in schools, and participation by key stakeholders in our Piatt County-based IMPACT Coalition.


In 2017, The Center was awarded a five-year, federally-funded Drug-Free Community Grant for the Monticello community which focuses on preventing and educating students, parents, and community members of the dangers of underage drinking and illegal substance use. 

Parents, students, schools, families, healthcare providers, businesses . . . all make a difference.
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